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Sweet Brioche With Chocolate


My wife made the best dark chocolate brioche pie and asked me to share with you how to make it. The whole family liked it, it was delicious and delicious, and the ingredients for the preparation are present in every home. I will be grateful to everyone who shares this recipe with their friends on WhatsApp.


-1 cup and a half of water 240 ml 

-3 tablespoons of sugar 

-3 tablespoons milk 

-3 cups of flour 300g Salt 

-1 bag of vanilla sugar 

-1 oil cup 

-1 sachet of confectionery yeast

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In a bowl, put water and milk, then add salt, sugar, vanilla yeast, two cups of flour and sweet yeast, and mix the ingredients well with the electric mixer, then cover with the food bag and let it interact for 15 minutes.

After the yeast interacts with the rest of the ingredients, we start adding the rest of the ingredients, oil and flour, and we collect the dough and knead well and let it rest. Then we grease the oven mall with butter and flour and form equal-sized balls, then stuff them with pieces of chocolate and put them in the oven tray and paint it with an egg yolk, let it ferment and put it in the oven to level. 

Note: We can also stuff it with cheese pieces