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Method To Make Goulash Recipe


It is really irresistible and so delicious who among us does not love this wonderful food. My grandmother prepared chicken thighs with spices, believe me, you will not be satisfied with it. Follow the method..

Ingredients :

°2 tomatoes
°2 cubes chicken broth
°800gm beef leg, cut into small cubes
°1 large onion

For the gnoki:

°8 potatoes
°1 teaspoon cumin
°Chili pepper
°1 egg
°pure flour
°1 tablespoon of paprika
°salt pepper

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Cut the onions into cuts and fry them in the dish. Cut the tomatoes into little pieces and add them. Eliminate from heat, add paprika and cumin and blend well. Add hot pepper. Add chicken stock 3D shapes, salt and pepper. Add meat and cover. Close the meal and cook for 45 minutes over medium hotness. Following 45 minutes, open the meal and put the carrots and potatoes in it. Cook for 15 minutes. 

In the mean time, strip, wash and hack the potatoes and carrots. Cut everything into little pieces and put away. 

Set up the gnocchi: beat an egg in a bowl, add flour and water. All should make a thick mixture which will be the premise of the new pasta. Bubble water in a pan (like pasta) and mesh it. Utilize the enormous openings in the grater to shape the gnocchi. To do this, you need to utilize a tablespoon and take the gnocchi glue and run it through the openings of the grater. The mixture is dropped into bubbling water and structures the popular gnocchi. Cook for close to 5 minutes. Channel the gnocchi and put away. 

At last, add the gnocchi to warm it up.