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How To Make Stewed Beef With Gravy


My grandmother made beef with gravy, it was so delicious that the whole family couldn't get enough of it. We will share with you the full recipe with details for those who do not forget to share it with your friends as well.

Ingredients :

The number people 4 

°800g beef broth (like shoulder)
°a little pepper
°1 deciliter of red wine
°1 clove
°1 onion finely chopped
°2 tablespoons flour
°butter roasting
°0.75 teaspoon salt
°3 dl beef broth
°50 gm finely chopped dark chocolate
°salt to taste
°0.25 teaspoon chili flakes

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Hotness a little spread to cook it in a goulash dish. Stew singe for approx. 2 minutes for each serving, sprinkle with somewhat more flour, lift, and season with salt and pepper. Decrease the hotness, channel the lower part of the dish, and add a vent. A little spread for broiling. 

Fry onions, saturate with wine, diminish significantly. Add the stock and cloves and heat to the point of boiling. Diminish the hotness, return the stew and stew for about some time. 13/4 hour covered on low hotness. Eliminate the goulash from the fire. 

Add the chocolate and liquefy, blending, add the pepper pieces and change the flavoring to salt. 


Get ready soup nearly without chocolate. A day ahead of time, let cool, cover in cooler. Hotness the soup well, add the chocolate, finish the arrangement. 

White polenta, parmentier gratin, pureed potatoes, green beans.