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How To Make Italian Cream Stuffed Cannoncini

Really it is very tasty. This Italian pie my grandmother made for us and she liked all the family members so much that we ask her to make it for us daily. In addition to being easy to prepare, they do not need many ingredients that are found in every home. Please don't forget to share this recipe with your friends and family.

Ingredients :

°1 tablespoon corn starch
°1 teaspoon essence/vanilla flavor
°4 to 6 eggs, separated (yolks)
°3 dl milk
°400g puff pastry (can be purchased)
°100 grams of sugar

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Start by whisking the egg whites until firm and put them away. 

In a pot, consolidate the cornstarch, egg yolk, sugar and a little virus milk. At the point when the combination becomes homogeneous, steadily add the remainder of the milk and heat to the point of boiling tenderly, mixing continually with a spoon of wire sticks, and heat to the point of boiling a bit. 

Add the spoonfuls of the solid whites that they put away and keep cooking until light and velvety. Eliminate from heat, add vanilla concentrate and let cool. 

In the interim, carry out the puff baked good batter and cut it into long strips 3 cm wide. Utilizing cuts of puff baked good, roll around little cones (or make cones with aluminum foil, an option in contrast to cones), covering cuts and making them remain together. Brush with the egg yolk so the puff cake is electrically conductive and doesn't tumble off. 

Take the wafer in the broiler (simply puff cake moved in cone shaped molds), extremely hot (200°C), for around 15 minutes. Ahead, run a stove plate through chilly water or spot material paper. 

At the point when the puff cake turns into somewhat brilliant, eliminate the wafer from the stove. Let cool somewhat and eliminate molds or aluminum foil. At last, fill the cornucopia with the cream that you arranged before. 

Whenever wanted, sprinkle with powdered sugar or ground cinnamon.

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